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  • 2019.06.03

    Delta Data Center Solution Day “Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era” receives warm response from CIOs


    Delta Data Center Solution Days are where experts and CIOs can share, discuss, and exchange ideas.

    Starting from March, 2019, Delta hosted its Data Center Solution Day in Madrid, Hong Kong, Seoul and Moscow, with all of the events receiving a warm response from attending CIOs. Delta thanks the hundreds of CIOs from different industries that participated in the 2019 Delta Data Center Solution Days worldwide. With the theme of “Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era” Delta provided its insights into the future of data centers and related construction trends. Delta learned that many companies believe the amount of data in the future will grow exponentially, and that data center operations must be able to carry and handle rapid and large amounts of data as it faces the many challenges of the future. Three trends are crucial:

    1. Efficiency Power Management

    Since enterprise data centers must be able to meet medium and long-term operational needs, if the enterprise can build an energy-saving data center, it will save a lot of OPEX.

    As companies pay more attention to power infrastructure, the following factors have made it more difficult to plan electricity:

    • Rapid growth in data volume has changed the information architecture from cloud computing to edge computing. The configuration ratio of the cloud data center and the edge data center scale affects the efficiency of data transmission and also affects power planning.
    • Virtualization and hyper converged infrastructure may result in a reduction in the IT infrastructure of the data center, but the power density of a single cabinet is increased.
    • The efficiency of heat management and cooling in the data center affects the actual consumption of electricity.

    In the planning stage, the total energy consumption of all equipment must be accurately calculated. The optimal power system design and the selection of high-efficiency power equipment must also achieve the highest efficiency of power source to terminal load.

    2. Monitoring with the Data Center Infrastructure Management System

    With many enterprise users recognizing the adoption of DCIM, companies can quickly gain several benefits in the management of the data center.

    • The system can effectively monitor the overall operation status of the data center from time to time. It is usually possible to present the operational efficiency of the current data center through a visual interface and periodic reports.
    • The system will immediately send a notice to the relevant personnel for processing before any abnormality occurs.
    • Standardization of asset management and maintenance operations in the data center to reduce operational risks can save a lot of manpower in management costs. 

    3. Capacity Planning and Management

    Capacity management has become a critical challenge in the data center's build project. Before establishing the project, the company needs to consider the budget, space, and amount of data carried by the operation, adopt the IT architecture and equipment, and estimate total power demand. In the next five years, with the growth of the data center scale, the infrastructure should be able to expand with the growth of IT equipment, so space utilization and space reservations need to be drafted in the planning period. There is an expanding demand in the operation to be able to quickly select the right location and incorporate it into asset management. During the maintenance period, it can be replaced or maintained according to the efficiency of each piece of equipment and the current years to maintain the actual operating capacity.


    For data center project demands, Delta provides data center turnkey solutions and one-stop service throughout the data center lifecycle from consultation, design, installation, to operation and maintenance. With accumulated years of experience in building global data center sites, we continue to share and assist companies in planning and building an energy efficient, reliable and sustainable data center.

    In 2019, Delta will host more Delta Data Center Solution Days in several cities. Don’t miss this chance to join us. We invite you to join our Data Center Solution Day, where all VIP guests will enjoy exclusive access to our data center expertise, including market trends, solution capabilities, and global success stories. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with our data center experts.

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