• 2019 Data Center Solution Day - Bringing your Data Center into the IoT Era
  • Delta Data Center Solution Day 2019


    New technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G communications, bring new challenges to IT infrastructure. Cloud and edge computing, as a result, have emerged as the latest requirements. According to a recent CIO survey, the three R challenges of Reliability, Resiliency and ROI are causing them the most concern. As data centers are the backbone of IT operations, how do you build a reliable and efficient data center while aligning your business’ IT strategies? Below are the topics we wish to explore with you at Delta Solution Day “Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era”. Join us for more market insights and our data center proposals.

    • How do new technologies impact data center trends?
    • How do you cope with the 3R challenges?
    • How do you design an optimized data center solution?



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    Date Location
    2019, March 6 Madrid, Spain
    2019, April 10 Hong Kong
    2019, April 24 Moscow, Russia
    2019, April 24 Seoul, South Korea
    2019, June 11 Warsaw, Poland
    2019, June 18 Jakarta, Indonesia
    2019, September 5 Bangkok, Thailand
    2019, September 18 Mumbai, India