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  • 2019.06.10

    Datacloud Global Congress 2019 on June 4–6, 2019 in Monaco—Delta exhibits technologies for 5G expansion at global data center and cloud conference

    The Datacloud Global Congress has become one of the most important events in the data center world. Delta was one of the major exhibitors this year, presenting unique solutions for edge computing and 5G network expansion. Visitors to the Delta booth learned about modular, prefabricated data center technologies and were treated to a special data center tour.

    This year marked the 16th annual Datacloud Global Congress, which included several side events and targeted experts in the fields of data centers, the cloud, and edge computing: The Finvest Summit was aimed at investors; at Edgecon, providers shared best practices on the cloud, IoT and edge computing; and the China Forum gave renowned Chinese companies a platform to exchange ideas. The exclusive Enterprise Lounge, hosted by Platinum Sponsor Delta, provided plenty of networking space for visitors.

    Datacloud is recognized as a key event for international networking and deal making across the IT infrastructure sector. Investors, financiers, business leaders and their customers used the conference in Monte Carlo to do deals and benchmark technologies in the data center and cloud sector. This year’s focus on edge computing, 5G, data centers, and the cloud played to Delta’s strengths as a leading provider of power and data center technologies for 5G and edge computing.

    Delta exhibits and presents on technologies for 5G and edge computing

    Andreas Grewing, Senior Director, Head of Telecom Power Solutions at Delta presented on “Data Center Opportunities and Challenges in the 5G Era.” In his talk, Mr. Grewing explained why the nature of 5G network use cases will push intelligence and processing capabilities closer to end users via edge computing. Mikael Berggren, Director Business Development Data Center, attended the panel discussion “Efficiency Challenges and Opportunities in Data Center Operations.” At the Delta booth, visitors could take a virtual tour of a Delta data center. The VR data center was created to offer visitors to the booth an immersive experience that explains Delta’s modular and pre-fabricated data center solutions in a way that a physical exhibition cannot.

    Delta’s modular, prefabricated power container solutions

    One of the highlights of Delta’s exhibition in Monaco was its power container solutions. These modular containers provide flexible options for the design and construction of megawatt-scale data centers. They also offer high scalability to expand along with business growth and meet the increasing demands for compute resources that characterize 5G networks and the Internet of Things.

    With their agile and modular architecture, Delta power container solutions can be combined with the company’s cooling, service, and IT containers to allow rapid construction of complete containerized data centers. Delta also offers data center consulting, design, simulation, implementation, and after sales service.

    “Our customers can deploy these power container solutions in just a matter of weeks, and the modules are movable, stackable, and reusable,” said Mr. Berggren. “They know exactly what they’re getting, the costs are completely predictable. Because of the rapid deployment, return on investment is faster, too. And if they need another datacenter of the same size elsewhere, it’s extremely simple to duplicate a design and deploy it at another site. That can be really useful, for instance for 5G operators looking to move more resources to the edge of the network.”

    Delta exhibition attracts the right visitors

    Visitors to the Delta booth came away impressed with the VR datacenter experience, which got as close to an actual tour as possible without physically walking through the data center. And Datacloud’s reputation as the place where decision-makers come to close deals proved to be true once again. More information on Delta’s power container solutions is available here.

    Datacloud Global Congress 2019 on June 4–6, 2019 in Monaco—Delta exhibits technologies for 5G expansion at global data center and cloud conference