• Delta HPH Gen.2 Series UPS, Three Phase, 20/30/40 kVA
  • HPH Gen.2 Series UPS, Three Phase, 20/30/40 kVA


    Product available regions :
    Because product specifications vary slightly from region to region, please download your local leaflet or visit your local website for detailed product information.
    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea
    Will be available in Q3 2021  

    The combination of reliable protection, cost-effective power with compact footprint and high-level performance

    The latest HPH Gen.2 20-40kVA offers a compact footprint with full rate output PF at 40 degree to optimize the UPS sizing. Ensure the 0.99 input PF and iTHD < 2% for maximum upstream source compatibility. Low total cost of ownership is achieved by >96% efficiency, energy recycle mode, wider battery Q’ty configuration and inbuilt 15A charger. In addition, it provides a user interface friendly touch panel, manual protection devices and caster wheels for easy deployment, installation and operation. All these features to ensure the ideal solution for various small and medium-sized data centers and critical power backups.

    HPH Gen.2 Series, Three Phase 20 - 40 kVA - features



    HPH Gen.2 Series, Three Phase 20 - 40 kVA - applications

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