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  • 2019.06.14

    UPS Day 2019 in Rotterdam — Delta sponsors Dutch seminar about ongoing changes in data center power infrastructure

    Power has always been a crucial part of data center infrastructure. But approaches to supplying power are changing drastically. Renewable energies are gaining importance and new ways of achieving redundancy are emerging. UPS-Day 2019 by DatacenterWorks focused on these radical changes in power infrastructure. As a sponsor and presenter at the event, Delta explained what’s driving these shifts and the technologies companies can deploy in response.

    Data center managers converged on Rotterdam on June 13, 2019 to learn more about power supply technologies for data centers and UPS equipment. Presentations covered how the latest trends are affecting UPS systems, for instance, how the increasingly variable nature of data center power requirements is making calculating power architectures more difficult. The event also provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge and network among peers.

    Delta sponsored, exhibited and presented on challenges for data center operators

    The focus of the Delta booth was on the manufacturer’s comprehensive portfolio of total data center infrastructure solutions for its exhibition this year. These include precision cooling, power distribution, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), physical security, racks, accessories, and power supply equipment such as UPS and battery systems. The booth was a testament to Delta’s evolution from a component manufacturer to a provider of turnkey solutions.

    Jack Chou, Sales Manager at Delta Electronics Netherlands B.V., presented on “The rising challenges of data centers in the IoT ERA.” The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved over the past 10 years, and what these developments mean for data center design and operation. Billions of devices already run on the IoT, and their number is expected to double over the next decade. This will require more processing and storage capacity on the edge of the network, closer to where the vast quantities of IoT data originate. Edge computing often involves tight space constraints, which demand high IT and power densities. For now, most companies will continue to operate a hybrid infrastructure that includes both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

    “Most of our customers currently have a hybrid infrastructure. The choice between on-premise and cloud computing depends on a lot of factors such as security and data protection policies, cost, and performance. But with brick-and-mortar facilities, you have to get the size right when you plan it, or otherwise you can be handcuffed. With the cloud, you’re able to scale up or down a lot faster without carrying the burden of a lot of overcapacity in a physical datacenter,” said Mr. Chou.

    “We offer a lot of options to companies who are facing changing needs because of the IoT. Beyond solutions for conventinoal data centers, we also build PODs, all-in-one containerized data centers, modular containerized data centers, and power containers. And we also have a comprehensive portfolio of UPS systems to meet the requirements of everyone from small businesses to collocation providers.”

    Data centers come in many shapes and sizes

    The POD (point of delivery) data center by Delta is a proprietary design that ships pre-configured and tested. All the subsystems are highly integrated, standardized, and reliable. This solution offers customers a pay-as-you-go option that grows with their business via standard building blocks. Pre-configured cabling and piping significantly decrease the time required for on-site installation and testing.

    Containerized data centers by Delta eliminate the need for a permanent structure to house them. They are available in 20’ or 40’ containers with up to 12 IT racks. These prefabricated, all-in-one solutions can be configured up to Tier III and use air cooling technology. Reduced deployment and testing time are their two main benefits.

    A third prefabricated option Delta presented was its modular containerized data center. Suitable for either edge or cloud data centers, these modules maximize IT space utilization and energy efficiency. Once again, the advantages are quick deployment, but with the added plus of scalability. Businesses can simply add modules up to the site’s capacity limits. These modular Delta data centers can be configured up to Tier IV.

    A successful event for one of the market’s leading suppliers

    The global demand for data centers continues to rise as digitization impacts nearly every industry. The steady stream of visitors to the Delta booth at UPSDay testified to the high interest in Delta’s solutions and reflected the industry’s continued growth. The team in Rotterdam also received positive feedback on the presentation delivered by Mr. Chou and looks forward to following up with the many new contacts made at the event.

    UPS Day 2019 in Rotterdam