Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel


Highly compact and reliable power distribution solution for small datacenters

Delta’s rack-mount Remote Power Panel (rRPP) is an ideal power distribution solution for small data centers up to 80kVA. Composed of a 4U cabinet, the rRPP can be perfectly integrated with standard server racks and results in saving valuable data center space. For high requirement of data center reliability, it also provides excellent branch protection and branch monitoring functions. The rRPP is a superior solution for power distribution management and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your small data center.

Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel - Delta

Rack-Mount Power Distribution Cabinet - Hot-swappable control and breaker module


Product available regions :

EMEA North America Latin America SEA & OCEA India China Taiwan South Korea Japan

For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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