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    APF Principle

    Delta’s PQC Series APF is connected in parallel with non-linear loads, and uses one set of current transformers (CT) to detect the load current. It calculates each order harmonic current by FFT algorithms in its DSP microchips, and then generates a compensating current with the same amplitude but opposite phase angles to the detected harmonic current, which cancels out the original load harmonics.

    The PQC series APF not only eliminates harmonic current from the load side, but it also mitigates harmonic voltage caused by harmonic currents. The APF system can also improve power factor (PF) and correct load imbalances in the power system.

    PQC APF Principle

    APF Structure

    Delta PQC Series APF has a modular design. Usually the Delta active power filter system consists of one or several APF modules and an optional Liquid Crystal Monitor & Control Panel (LCM). Each APF module is an independent harmonic filtering system, and users can change the harmonic filtering system rating by adding or removing APF modules.

    According to the mounting type, Delta PQC series APF can be divided into Modular APF and Wall-mounted APF.


    Modular APF

    APF modules and an LCM panel can be embedded in Delta’s standard APF cabinet or a customized cabinet. There are breakers, cable terminals and Surge Protection Device (SPD) in the APF cabinet.

    According to cable terminal type, a modular APF can be divided into two types:

    • Draw type modular APF (hot-swappable)
    • Fixed type modular APF (not hot-swappable)

    Modular APF

    Wall-mounted APF

    Delta’s Wall-mounted APF can be installed on a wall, which is suitable for low rating applications, and an optional LCM
    panel can be fixed on the all-mounted APF according to customer requirements.

    Wall-mounted APF

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