Air Distribution Unit, 1000 CFM


Highly efficient and energy saving temperature control

In a data center with an raised floor, air-conditioned cold air is often delivered to each rack through channels under the floor. However, as the cold air is delivered to a remote rack, air flow is reduced. Raised floors are often laid with cables and pipes that hinder the delivery of cold air and result in major hot spot issues.

Delta's Air Distribution Unit (ADU) is designed to address this problem. Its air supply capacity of up to 1000 CFM assists in the delivery of cold air to the cabinet location where greater heat dissipation is required, to remove hot spots.

Delta's ADU is easily attached to dedicated raised floors. The ADU detects the temperature of the cooled air source and the temperature inside the rack and adjusts the fan speed for energy savings.

Air Distribution Unit: Cold air from air conditioner



Product available regions :

EMEA North America Latin America SEA & OCEA India China Taiwan South Korea Japan

For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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