Air Distribution Unit


For data centers with raised floors, the space beneath the floors is usually used as the cold aisle to deliver cold air to the IT racks. In data centers with this type of architecture, the amount of cold air that can be received by each IT rack depends on the static pressure of the cold aisle, the opening areas on floors as well as the suction capability of the racks. If any of these three criteria are insufficient, the rack will face the problem of insufficient supply of cold air and result in overheating.

The Delta ADU provides data centers with a simple solution for hot spots at the end of an aisle or for overheated high power density racks. Delta’s ADU installs under the original openings of a raised floor where it detects the temperature inside a target rack or hot spot. The ADU automatically adjusts the rotation speed of its electronically commutated (EC) fan to provide the cool air needed by the target rack or hot spots.

Air Distribution Unit: Cold air from air conditioner



Product available regions :

EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea

For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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