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  • 2019.06.13

    Delta Data Center Solution Day Poland — Delta demonstrates how the IoT is changing data centers and which solutions are best suited for enabling the transformation

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing to grow and change the way enterprises operate. With 5G technology also on the horizon, IT specialists must build reliable and robust data centers. Which technologies will help them achieve these objectives? And what are the best practices for implementing the necessary technologies? At the 2019 Data Center Solution Day in Warsaw, Poland on June 11, 2019, Delta offered insights and answers.

    Cloud and edge computing have emerged in response to the demands of the IoT and 5G networks. The Data Center Solution Day in Warsaw is part of a global event series addressing these challenges. Offering their perspectives and knowledge at this year’s event were a number of leading experts in the data center space including Rakesh Mukhija, Managing Director of MCIS for the EMEA region at Delta, Andrzej Borowski, Data Center design specialist at ARUP, and Luca Beltramino, Vice President, Global Programs at the Uptime Institute.

    Data Center Day was created to share Delta’s insights and global success stories with key data center partners. The Poland event was the third Data Center Day held in the EMEA region. Delta is also hosting Data Center Days in several other cities around the world this year including Madrid, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, and Singapore.

    The IoT is shaping data center infrastructure

    Mr. Mukhija opened the event by welcoming the participants and speaking briefly. Later in the morning, Michal Semeniuk, Sales Director of the MCIS department in Poland and the CEE region at Delta, provided an overview of how the IoT has transformed over the years and the impact this transformation is having on data centers.

    Since IoT devices generate so much data and, in some cases, require extremely low latency, edge computing is necessary to analyze and take local actions. For advanced analytics, collected, filtered, and aggregated data is forwarded on to the cloud.

    This new architecture creates challenges when building facility infrastructure. The higher power density of edge servers, for instance, can result in more power consumption being spread over a limited footprint. Furthermore, such equipment must also offer high resiliency due to the hyper-converged nature of the infrastructure. So, companies can expand their IT capabilities in pace with their growing applications and businesses, edge computing resources must also be quick to deploy.

    According to a recent CIO survey, the three R challenges of Reliability, Resilience and ROI are what businesses struggle with most when it comes to data center design, construction, and operation. Now that the IoT is here, these issues have become even more critical because the demand for data center capacity is rising quickly.

    High-density UPS, li-ion batteries, and DCIM

    In keeping with the theme “Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era,” Delta shared insights and global success stories that it helped to orchestrate. Some of the technologies Delta offers to master these types of transformations include the DPH series of the company’s Modulon family of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the RT and HPH series UPS devices, and the InfraSuite data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution.

    The DPH 500 modular three-phase UPS offers the highest per-module power density of any UPS on the market. This is an advantage in both existing data centers and for new construction because maximizing the floor space available for IT equipment is always an important goal. With efficiencies of up to 96.5%, these UPS also save energy and contribute to sustainability. Delta’s RT 10 kVA and 20 kVA single-phase UPS provide reliable power and energy-saving features. The Ultron HPH 200 kVA UPS offers best-in-class power protection with maximum power and efficiency.

    Achieving long-term operating savings and sustainability requires more than just the right hardware, however. That’s why Delta also supplies a DCIM suite, InfraSuite Manager. This fully featured data center infrastructure management solution (DCIM) brings automation and visibility to the data center. It reduces PUE (power usage effectiveness) and provides monitoring and dashboards across the entire infrastructure. A DCIM is also an excellent way to improve a datacenter’s reliability and resilience.

    Panel discussion rounds out a day full of insights

    A discussion panel was held following the expert presentations. Attendees came away from the day with fresh perspectives and expert knowledge to help them meet the challenges their data centers face in the era of the IoT and 5G.

    “The Data Center Day events are a great way to give back to our partners and customers,” said Mr. Semeniuk. “We really try to get the best people in the field to present so the attendees get as much value from the day as possible. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to show them everything that Delta has to offer, too. We’ve really got a lot of great solutions in this space. We make PODs, containerized data centers, power containers, and full range of UPS and cooling solutions.”

    2019 Delta Data Center Solution Day Poland