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  • Delta Two-phase Immersion Cooling

    With the increasing demand for high performance computing in data centers and the continuous advancement of IT equipment process technology, high thermal design power chips require a new advanced cooling technology. Delta's two-phase immersion liquid cooling has emerged to meet these new requirements.

    Integrating new technology and an innovative mechanism design, Delta's two-phase process directly immerses electronic parts and equipment in non-conductive coolant, and removes heat through the phase change of the coolant. This improves heat dissipation efficiency by reducing the heat exchange process, which is significantly more efficient than traditional air cooling, reducing energy consumption by 84%.
    Low PUE
    < 1.08
    Power Usage Effectiveness
    High Cooling Capacity
    100 kW
    Capacity Per Tank
    Reduce Cooling Power Consumption
    Compared to Traditional Air Cooling
    Seismic Protection
    GR-63 Zone 4
    Richter Magnitude 8
    Delta has worked with a world-renowned technology and foundry services provider in Taiwan to develop a two-phase immersion cooling. The solution helps the customer deliver PUE (power usage effectiveness) below 1.08 for the HPC Data Center and is estimated to reduce total energy consumption by 30%.
    Place the IT equipment in Delta Two-phase Immersion Cooling system and fill it with a non-conductive liquid. The immersed IT equipment will boil the liquid due to the heat generated by the operation. Heat is taken away with the vapor generated by the boiling. The rising vapor contacts a condenser and changes back to liquid. As the vapor circulates continuously in the sealed tank it achieves the goal of high heat dissipation efficiency.
    Low Emission Rate x Easy Maintenance
    When IT equipment is loaded and operated in a sealed tank filled with non-conductive coolant, Delta's exclusive patented mechanism design allows the equipment to be hot swapped and replaced in a closed environment without stopping the machine.

    A coolant recycle status is presented through human-machine interface, and the IT equipment can be taken out according to the instructions. The coolant can achieve the goal of an extremely low emissionrate, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.


    Innovative Mechanism Design


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    The two-phase immersion cooling solution is a customized solution for HPC data centers and hyper-scale data centers, and is available for larger projects. For further inquiries, please contact datacenter.solution@deltaww.com.