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  • Rack Power Distribution Unit (rPDU)

    Every rPDU (Rack Power Distribution Unit) released by Delta is a result of our total commitment to engineering the most efficient and reliable power solutions on the market. They can be trusted for reliable power distribution while also offering protection for devices inside the rack. Data centers can select the best type for their energy needs from Delta’s rPDUs. With the use of a Delta rPDU, energy flows steadily to every device inside a rack cabinet. Protection, optimized power distribution, and intelligent management begin with Delta rPDUs for your data center.

    Delta rPDUs couldn’t be simpler to install. With the toolless design and custom bracket, Delta’s rPDU series are the most adaptable to the use of multifarious rack cabinets. Delta rPDUs conserve valuable rack space, thanks to the Zero-U vertical structure, and horizontal options for a small number of socket applications. They are built with the same upgradeable firmware to keep them functioning at optimal levels, and integrate with easy-to-use InfraSuite Management software and a network interface for remote/local management. Delta rPDUs definitely will create value for you in the most high-end and intelligent data centers.

    Delta InfraSuite,  Rack Power Distribution Unit (rPDU), ViLink Series, Metered / Switched Type
    ViLink rPDU offers a diverse range of product combinations built upon Delta's robust design capabilities and strict quality control. It encompasses advanced smart management features and network security protections.
    Delta Rack Power Distribution Unit allow optimum power distribution
    ViFlow rPDU features simple installation, user-friendly operation and effortless power distribution management for network devices.