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  • 2015.07.28

    Partner Meet Event and IDC Showroom Tour

    Thailand, July 2015 — Delta’s MCIS SEA Zone 2 and Zone 3 Regions invited our valued partners from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to participate in a Partner Meet and IDC Showroom Tour at Delta facilities in Thailand. The event included an MCIS product and Partner Program introduction to let our partners understand more about Delta and our direction for business cooperation.

    The partners were warmly greeted by Mr. Dick Hsieh, DET president, who gave a welcome speech during the opening presentation. Throughout the session, our partners visited our high technology manufacturing infrastructure and the Delta products showroom.

    The highlight of this partner gathering was a preview tour at our newly Integrated Datacenter Showroom which consists of Delta’s MCIS products such as the Modulon DPH series, Precision Cooling, Power Distribution Cabinet, Modular Rack and InfraSuite Manager plus Energy Management System from IABG. We are proud to say this datacenter is now the most energy saving datacenter in Thailand with an average PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.4.

    Partner Meet Event and IDC Showroom Tour