N Series, Single Phase, 6/12 kVA (old model)


DISCONTINUED : recommended replacement product N 6/10 kVA.
The Amplon N Series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS designed for workstations, POS, ATMs, home appliances, small server rooms or production equipment.

The series can be operated in a hot standby configuration, where the unit can enable the system to retain power after a failure by the primary UPS, or when the primary UPS is undergoing maintenance.

The Amplon N features a wide input voltage range of up to 120~280V, this design allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and provide a stable power supply. The UPS offers a high level of overall efficiency (>88%), and can be run in Eco Mode to consume even less energy while continuing to provide a steady output.

It’s essential to be prepared for possible crisis situations, and to help reduce risk during catastrophes, the Amplon N Series UPS 6kVA to 12kVA supports Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) function. Centralized remote monitoring of the UPS can be implemented with the use of Vista-compatible power management applications. For ease of operation when working with the UPS on site, the Amplon N Series includes LED and LCD displays, a built-in maintenance switch, and a convenient control panel.

With the addition of an optional external battery pack, the duration of the standby period for the UPS can be extended. The functionality of the Amplon N Series UPS 6kVA to 12kVA can receive an additional boost with the use of an optional charger, which enables faster battery recharges.


Applications: Data Center Network Security Medical Industrial Banking