UPS Amplon Family 1kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Amplon Family
UPS Ultron Family 10kVA or higher
Three-Phase On-Line UPS
Delta UPS Ultron Family
UPS Modulon Family 20kVA or higher
Modular UPS
Delta UPS Modulon Family
UPS Agilon Family Under 1.5kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Agilon Family
  • Delta UPS Amplon family - 1kVA or higher, Single-Phase UPS
  • M Series Single Phase Server UPS 1/1.5/2/3 kVA


    DISCONTINUED : recommended replacement product MX 1.1/2/3 kVA.

    Reliable Power Protection for Small and Medium Businesses

    The Amplon M Series UPS is a single-phase line interactive UPS that provides sine-wave quality, flexibility and high availability to its users. The series is a popular choice as a server UPS for small and medium-sized businesses.

    With available power ratings of 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2 kVA, and 3kVA, the Amplon M Series UPS is designed for a wide range of input voltages. At any size, the UPSs can be counted on to safeguard data from potential problems related to power, from brief blackouts to full power failures.

    Thanks to the onboard automatic voltage regulator (AVR), stable power flows from the device, and high power protection availability is assured. By regulating power surges or drains, this line-interactive UPS helps to ensure power protection for your entire business, no matter the cause of the outage.

    The swappable battery pack allows for quick changes in the source of power and easy maintenance with little or no downtime. The battery has a typical backup time of four minutes for a full load and ten minutes for a half load. With an optional external battery pack, the 3kVA allows for an extended backup time even beyond the life of the built-in battery.

    Extending by extending nearly instantaneous power in the event of an outage or incident—critical for a server UPS—the Amplon M series will deliver enough power to allow the system to remain operation until the auxiliary power supply or generator is able to offer a longer-term source of power. If the generator or auxiliary power supply itself is compromised in its ability to function, with the Amplon M series provides power for long enough that the system can be shut down properly rather than crashing.

    The Amplon M Series UPS runs at excellent normal mode efficiency, and provides a high output power factor of 0.9, resulting in a greater power supply for critical loads, at significantly reduced operating cost. The line-interactive UPS also has an automatic fan-speed function that reduces noise and prolongs the lifespan of the fan under various operating modes.

    Delta recognizes the importance of flexibility when operating a small or medium-sized business, and that the operating systems for businesses of those sizes need to have just as much flexibility as the rest of the business. The Amplon M Series offers support for different applications through the use of communication cardss in the smart slots of the devices, and can also connect, via USB or RS232, to intelligent management software.

    The Amplon M Series is available in either rack or tower configurations, to suit the needs of multiple applications such as server, networking, VoIP and telecommunications. The series is ideally suited for devices in small and medium businesses that typically have their computers connected to other devices such as routers, servers, or communications systems.


    Applications: Server Telecom Industrial Network VolP Storage Medical

    Applications:Server, Telecom, Industrial, Network, VolP, Storage, Medical

    Friendly LED Display, Rack/Tower Configuration, Rear View

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