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  • 2017.04.07

    Delta participate the 10th Data centre Dynamics Conference on Apr,5 in Madrid and demonstrate the datacenter success case for Atos group

    The digital transformation is spurring renewed growth in the IT sector around the globe. Applications such as big data, cloud computing, smart cities, industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing business models to evolve. It’s a development that poses a challenge to data centers around the world. Companies are being forced to keep pace with these rapid developments to master the issues surrounding their digital transformations or risk being left behind.

    The role of data centers, opportunities in their development, and modern infrastructures were the main topics of the 10th annual DCD Conference, which took place on April 5, 2017 in Madrid. Over 1,000 high-caliber participants from various industries and manufacturing sectors traveled to the Spanish capital to gather information about the latest trends and IT strategies revolving around data centers. Renowned speakers from the fields of business, research, and government graced the pages of the program and offered insights on a wide range of topics. Interconnectivity between data centers was discussed alongside the development of cloud computing and software defined networks (SDN). Conventional infrastructure wasn’t neglected, either. Servers and storage, power supplies, cooling, and of course security were also on the agenda. Panels and roundtables on individual topics in addition to an exhibitor area gave conference visitors an opportunity to dig deeper on specific topics. There was also plenty of time for extended conversations with experts and company representatives. “The conference participants showed interest in solutions which have proven themselves as part of specific projects and show promise for their own plans,” said Jose Manuel Roldan, Director General, recounting his impressions of the event. “We were able to make constructive suggestions and gain important insights for future developments but also received important feedback from users for future developments.”

    Renewable energy for the data center

    Together with their customer Atos, Delta demonstrated just how environmentally friendly the power supply and cooling design for one of the largest data centers of the Atos Group in Spain was.

    The key success factors for Delta in this project at a glance: Delta provided the fully modularized design and scalable solutions such as the Delta DPH UPS series with hot-swappable modules (control module, STS, and power modules). These power supplies allow for quick replacement and expansion while guaranteeing uninterrupted operation during maintenance procedures.

    “High reliability and optimizing availability were key objectives in planning our data center,” recalled Gabriel Ventin, DataCenter Service Manager at Atos in Spain. “Based on a comprehensive requirements catalog, we evaluated the market for each component to ensure that we had the solution that fit us best.”

    For the power supply, Atos chose the DPH family from Delta for the mega watt datacenter at Atos. There were several reasons for that according to Ventin. “The UPS units from Delta have a modular design. This way, it’s no problem to add additional modules if our data center grows or our requirements change. Furthermore, the price-performance ratio was compelling.”

    Fernando Recuero, Business Development Datacenter for Delta Spain MCIS, added: “The careful advance planning and detailed requirements catalog from Atos made it easy for us to find the right UPS for the Group’s new Spanish data center.” The DPH family from Delta offered Atos the required high-availability for the new data center in Spain’s capital city, ensuring uninterrupted operation for core applications, according to Recuero. “And the easy scalability of our product line simplifies trouble-free expansion should future developments at Atos require it.”

    With their joint presentation, the representatives from Atos and Delta were able to give the audience members at the DCD Conference in Madrid an overview of modern data center power supplies with an eye towards real-world applications. The lively question-and-answer session following the presentation showed just how important the topic was to the attendees.

    Delta will participate Data centre Dynamics Conference in globalwise . Welcome to find the evnet nearby and visit us.

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