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  • 2012.09.10

    “Delta InfraSuite Data Center Solution – 4-Module Videos” Coming Soon!

    Delta MCIS will soon announce the release of its all new videos – The 4 Modules of Delta’s InfraSuite Data Center Solutions, a comprehensive and lively introduction to the features and benefits of Delta InfraSuite’s 4 Modules, which include: Power Management, Rack and Accessories, Precision Cooling, and Environment Management System. Together the 4 modules offer a fully integrated, scalable modular system for building a hardware and software environment that ensures continuity for our customers’ mission critical data center operations. The 4 modules also reduce data center energy consumption by more than 25%, which contributes to the optimization of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    Leveraging Delta Electronics’ 40+ years of global leadership in power and thermal management solutions, Delta MCIS introduced a new generation of data center infrastructure solutions - InfraSuite and its 4 Modules: 

    Delta InfrasSuite solutions and its 4 modules


    Power Management

    Power Managemen Delta’s power management system is composed of scalable Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Cabinets (PDC), and Power Distribution Units (PDU) that provide optimal power distribution and protection for devices inside a data center and ensure continuous operation in case of power failure. In particular, Delta’s high performance UPSs come in various capacities based on customer requirements. Output power factors achieve 0.9 to 1 and harmonic distortion ranges from (iTHD) < 3% to 5%. While the modular design offers the benefit of scalability as the enterprise grows, MCIS can help our customers lower the initial investment while supporting future expansion of the data center.


    Rack and Accessories

    Rack an Accessories Delta’s modular 19-inch server rack, 23-inch network equipment rack, and the full range of rack accessories, offer the benefit of quick and easy assembly while optimizing the space utilization of the data center. The high load-bearing capability and optimal ventilation design of Delta’s modular rack ensures a highly efficient and high density data center setup.

    Precision Cooling

    Precision Cooling Delta’s precision cooling solutions for data centers boasts of high cooling efficiency and is capable of achieving precise temperature and humidity control inside a data center. Delta’s professional cooling solution uses a complete precision cooling product portfolio that includes: the RowCool Series that can be installed right next to a heat source to eliminate hot spots, and the RoomCool Series that comes in download and upflow configurations, and ADU (Air Distribution Unit) that supports downflow RoomCool to effective remove heat from a hot spot. Delta enables enterprises to achieve optimal environment conditions with low energy consumption for data center operation, and provide a comprehensive precision cooling solution that can be configured to support all types of data centers, small to large, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    Environment Management System

    Environment Mangaement System

    Delta’ s environment management system is the ideal safeguard for data center operations. IT managers can monitor the data center environment, security, and energy consumption status in real-time from anywhere in the world. Delta’s environment management system protects the critical competitiveness of an enterprise by safeguarding and ensuring the performance of data center operations.

    By providing a fully integrated, scalable modular system with our InfraSuite Solution, Delta MCIS allow our customers to minimize their initial capital and operating expenses while ensuring their maximum competitive advantages.