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  • Modular UPS - DPH Series 15- 60/105 kVA, 208 V


    Product available regions :
    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea

    Fully integrated power solutions in one 42U cabinet for small data center applications

    The Modulon DPH supports ultimate availability for data center operations and provides the benefit of “pay as you go” without over-sizing the UPS. While achieving ultimate availability, the Modulon DPH does not compromise on power efficiency performance. When availability, efficiency and expanding according to business needs are essential, the Modulon DPH is the ideal UPS system to provide power protection and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.


    DPH Series UPS, Three Phase, 15-105kVA, 208V

    Compact design of 15kW power module in 2U height



    Delta DPH 15-60kVA UPS - Applications

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