• Delta datacenter infrastructure total solutions - Bringing Your Data Center into the IoT Era
  • Modular UPS - DPH Series 15- 60/105 kVA, 208 V


    Product available regions :
    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea
    High Integration and Space Saving
    Fully integrated in one 42U cabinet with power supply, battery runtime, static transfer switch and input/output/bypass breakers
    Ultimate Availability
    Fully modularized design and hot-swappable modules for easy deployment and maintenance
    Redundant aux power and controller design
    Dual CAN bus to ensure the inherent reliability on signal level
    Battery module’s LED fuse warning indicators can alert operators in the event of a blown fuse
    Excellent Power Performance
    Industry-leading high power density of power module: 15kVA/kW in 2U height
    AC-AC conversion efficiency 95% and ECO mode efficiency up to 98.5% with Energy Star 2.0 certification
    Green mode for effective utilization
    High Manageability
    Environment Management System integration (optional)
    Power consumption trend calculation
    Inbuilt Ethernet and RS485 communication interface
    User-friendly 10” touch panel
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