Have the entire data center at your fingertips

To keep operations running smoothly, even under adverse conditions, an effective data center management system is indispensible. Without such a system in place, you are at constant risk of data loss, data corruption, and hardware damage. InfraSuite Manager is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system that simultaneously integrates all facility and IT equipment on a single platform.

By using InfraSuite Manager, you can monitor every one of your datacenter management systems with ease, and analyze your assets, energy usage, cooling systems, data center security, power status, server function, and environmental parameters on the same platform.

With EnviroStation, an environmental management system (EMS), you can keep track of potentially hazardous conditions within the datacenter. Management with EnviroStation includes monitoring temperature, humidity and water leakage as well as smoke, fire, and unauthorized entry alarms. EnviroStation is an integrated platform that shares data with a central manager via network. The EMS includes user-designed alarms for a security solution customized to the exact needs of the data center it protects.

By connecting the EnviroProbe to the EnviroStation, the scope of the area being monitored can easily be expanded. The EnvioProbe monitors environmental conditions in a single cabinet or area, and can transmit essential information about humidity, temperature, smoke, water leakage, and other factors to the IT manager. A complete check of the data center can be performed on demand, thanks to the seamless integration of the EnviroProbe and the EnviroStation working in tandem.

The InfraSuite Manager has the capacity to be connected with many other components of data center hardware, for a complete data center management solution. Uninterruptible power supplies, generators, power distribution cabinets, and more can all be monitored.

After investing in a state-of-the-art data center, management is essential in order to prevent downtime and protect the system from harm. With the InfraSuite Manager, every aspect of datacenter management can be handled from just one platform, simplifying the process of monitoring and protecting the entire system.

InfraSuite Manager features

Delta InfraSuite Manager - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
InfraSuite Manager is Delta’s fully featured DCIM software solution that optimizes data center performance and life cycle management.
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Delta InfraSuite Device Master
InfraSuite Device Master provides a rich set of capabilities that simplify and automate critical device monitoring.
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EnviroStation allows integrated monitoring of Data Center conditions
EnviroStation integrates the monitoring of the data center’s environment and other conditions, and sends the data to a central manager via network.
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EnviroProbe allows single cabinet temperature & humidity monitoring
EnviroProbe monitors temperature, humidity in a single cabinet or area and transmits signals from environment sensor devices in the data center— such as door sensors, smoke detectors, fire detectors, water-leakage detectors, and others—to management.
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