InfraSuite Manager - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


Delta InfraSuite Manager is the fully featured Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solution to deliver automation and visibility into the data center and increase the ease of management on a comprehensive platform. InfraSuite Manager optimizes the performance and life cycle management of the data center.


Benefits of InfraSuite Manager

Central View from One Platform
InfraSuite Manager provides users a central view to monitor all of the critical information for a data center based on a single real-time platform.

Cost Effective
Organizations with corporate operation of cost efficiency initiatives can also look to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) to better manage and optimize resource use across their entire infrastructure, as well as help lower their impact on the environment. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is improved and costs are reduced accordingly.

Increased Availability
By monitoring critical information in the data center, the availability of the data center has been increased. InfraSuite Manager offers advanced alert algorithms across the infrastructure. It helps the data center mitigate the risk of downtime.

Sustainability Management
Having insight into the future of the data center’s day-to-day operations, and understanding how to optimize the data center’s resource allocation is invaluable to a business. InfraSuite Manager not only enhances capacity and asset management but also improves overall productivity, which can extend the data center life cycle.


Empower Your Data Center

For Facilities Managers

InfraSuite Manager (DCIM) - empower datacenter facilities managers
  • Overall layout of your data center
  • Overall environment mapping or profile of your data center
  • All equipment status
  • Chiller plant status and profile
  • Power diagrams
  • Alarm notification and reporting 

For IT Managers

InfraSuite Manager (DCIM) - empower datacenter for IT managers
  • Access control and surveillance
  • Asset management
  • Rack utilization, rack U-space, weight, power load and network port for each rack
  • Multiple site management
  • Alarm notification, reporting and schedule
  • IPMI

For Chief Information Officers CIOs

InfraSuite Manager (DCIM) - empower datacenter for Chief Information Officers CIO
  • Real time and historical PUE
  • Electricity cost and billing
  • Overall capacity utilization
  • Work order progress and approval process
  • Alarm notification and reporting

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