Modular Rack


Modular design for optimizing space utilization

Thanks to unsurpassed reliability, efficient use of energy, cost-effectiveness, potential for expansion, and sheer power, the modular rack system offers stable data storage along with peace of mind for data center owners who look ahead to the future of their businesses and of the industry as a whole.
Delta is proud to introduce its modular rack cabinet designed for maximum performance, convenience, flexibility and safety in high density IT room environments. A Delta rack cabinet can outperform the competition thanks to its increased space utilization and heat dissipation via an outstanding 70% perforation level. The racks are fully compliant with the standards of all major trade organizations and conformity assessment bodies within the industry, including IP20 (environmental protection rating from the International Electrotechnical Committee), EIA-310-D (requirements for rack cabinets from the Electronic Industries Alliance), UL 60950 (safe grounding standards established by Underwriters Laboratories), as well as the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). By opting for a Delta modular rack cabinet, data centers choose the ultimate combination of convenience, flexibility, and safety. Delta manufactures a 42U rack system to suit the needs of nearly any business, regardless of its size, industry, or application.

These modular racks are a breeze to install, to upgrade, and to maintain. Each one of them incorporates tool-less reversing front and rear doors with U-position numbers and a wide-angle rotation of 130 degrees, along with removable cable ports, bottom covers, and power troughs, and quick side panels. Stability and security are optimized through the inclusion of adjustable leveling feet. Each rack can hold up to 1420kg in unit weight while remaining stationary, any given one can easily be moved and maneuvered to different places as need be due to the convenient casters upon which it is mounted.

The sturdy exteriors of Delta’s modular racks can be set up for either a vertical or horizontal orientation, and are designed to give an organized and uniform appearance to the data centers to which they belong. The racks are engineered to be easy to stack in rows, and to be highly customizable in order to cater to the unique needs and environment of each data center. Each one features a split-rear-door design, which reduces the amount of space required for hot aisles, and which also makes the already-easy maintenance even simpler. A complete range of accessories are available, as well as four versatile multipurpose mounting bays.

Delta MCIS is a stalwart and powerful partner for companies that strive to offer the best possible service, and then to surpass the benchmarks of outstanding performance that they themselves set. With Delta modular racks, the networks and data centers of exceptional companies can soar to new levels of excellence.

Modular Server Racks with 70% Perforation by Delta

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