Delta InfraSuite Rack & Accessories

Smart, modular design Rack Solutions

The Delta InfraSuite modular server rack is a simple parallel rack design with a refined and solid exterior that maintains a uniform appearance for the data center. Set-up and maintenance could not be simpler, thanks to tool-less installation.

In addition to a 19-inch standard rack that fully meets rack-specifications as defined in EIA-310, a 23-inch network equipment rack is also available. Due to a perforation rate of over 70% for the front and rear doors, superior heat dissipation is assured. With its high load-bearing capability and optimal ventilation design, the Delta modular server rack is an ideal choice for high density data center set-ups.

The popularity of modular rack solutions is rapidly outpacing that of their older counterparts. By opting for a modular server rack, companies can match the current needs of their datacenter, while trusting that the modular hardware can easily be expanded in the future to accommodate business growth and increased demand for services.

Delta offers a full range of rack accessories to support and facilitate a well-organized data center that’s easy to maintain. Rack solutions can be customized with options like vertical or horizontal cable management channels, to make the best possible use of the available space. With removable roof cable ports and removable bottom covers, cables remain highly accessible for maintenance.

Modular Server Racks
The modular rack is an essential gear for data centers. Delta has developed a modular rack that increases space utilization and heat dissipation via 70% perforation rate to meet high density IT room requirements.
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Rack Accessories
Delta’s modular server racks are highly customizable through the use of rack accessories, for superlative rack solutions optimized to meet the specific needs of individual data centers.
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Delta InfraSuite Rack & Accessories Video

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