Delta InfraSuite Power Management

Integrated power distribution for optimal power management

The supply of power is indispensable to datacenter operations. A stable power supply, redundancy, and a reliable power distribution system that protects equipment, achieves high efficiency and saves energy at the same time are primary considerations when setting up or maintaining a datacenter.

Delta’s power management solution is composed of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Cabinet (PDC) and Power Distribution Units (PDU) that provide optimal power distribution and protection for devices inside a rack.

Delta provides clean and stable power for the datacenter to ensure continuous operation in case of power failure while enabling maximum operating efficiency with the lowest cost.

Delta Data Center Static Transfer Switch (STS)
타의 추종을 불허하는 신뢰성과 완벽한 유지보수를 제공하도록 설계된 Delta STS를 통해 전력 관리의 수준을 한 차원 더 높여보십시오.
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Delta InfraSuite Rack Power Distribution Unit - rPDU
Delta's rPDU is a result of our total commitment to engineering the most efficient and reliable power solutions on the market. They can be trusted for reliable power distribution while also offering protection for devices inside the rack.
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Power Management - Static Transfer Switch Series
The Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switch (rSTS) safeguards the uninterrupted operation of mission critical IT equipment. Powered by two independent power sources, the rSTS rapidly switches from one source to the other automatically...
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Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel
델타의 랙 마운트 리모트 파워 패 널 Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel, rRPP) 이상적인 배전 솔루션입니다 이것은 표준형 서버 랙과 완벽하게 통합되며 3 상 또는 1 상 출력을 지원합니다.
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Delta InfraSuite Power Management Video


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