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  • 2017.03.03

    Delta rolls out the Amplon N Series 6/10kVA UPS with the world’s most compact dimensions and leading power performance

    Delta, the leading manufacturer of power management and thermal management solutions, today announced the launch of its Amplon N series 6/10kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and China, to join its Amplon N series ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA. Delta’s Amplon N series UPS 6/10kVA is a single-phase on-line topology model with pioneering technology that provides the world’s smallest dimensions and the best power performance for protecting mission critical equipment such as workstations, small server rooms, telecommunication base stations, ATMs, POSs and more.

    Whether the digitalization trend occurs in government or in the private sector, a UPS plays an essential role in ensuring a continuous power supply and providing better power quality to mission critical electronic devices. “Thoroughly understanding market trends, Delta has invested a lot of engineering resources in UPS development for higher power performance and availability to help customers maintain their competitive advantages,” said Dr. Charles Tsai, general manager of the Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) business unit, Delta Electronics. The Delta Amplon N6/10kVA UPS offers customers the benefits of:

    The World’s Most Compact Design and Best TCO
    Owing to Delta’s innovation in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology and high density design, the new Amplon N6/10kVA takes pride in the most compact dimensions in its class. Better space utilization can achieve a remarkable 84% space savings which can be reserved for more critical equipment. Besides, the industry unique unity output power factor (kVA=kW) provides more wattage to critical loads, and the highest AC-AC efficiency to a maximum 95% can contribute to significant energy savings.

    High Availability
    First, the online double-conversion topology of Delta’s Amplon N6/10kVA UPS can protect critical loads from power problems occurring on the source side, and the zero transfer time to battery mode effectively ensures the stability of load operations during a power outage. Second, the advanced DPS technology features fast computation capabilities enabling a reduction in the number of electronic components to lower the failure rate. Its smart automatic fan failure detection can alert users to failed fans as an early warning. Last but not least, the parallel redundancy and expansion capability of up to four units is the industry leading offering for N+X redundancy and a maximum capacity up to 40kVA/kW.

    Intelligent Management
    Two aspects of the new N series UPS 6/10 kVA for smart management are:

    1. The user-friendly LCD panel can help users monitor the UPS at a glance. It displays the operating status and relevant data for local UPS monitoring and management. Battery health detection can also be easily done via the LCD panel and button.
    2. More smart features for battery management include: A flexible battery configuration of adjustable battery quantity from 16 to 22 pieces, and charging current from 1.5A to 8A can optimize battery investment. Besides, more advanced battery management features can extend battery life, such as battery temperature compensation, overcharge protection, and automatic adjustment of the end-of-discharge voltage. The special two-stage charging design of float and boost charge shortens battery recharge time.

    As the leading global provider of power management and thermal solutions, Delta Electronics is committed to offering more power solutions with high power performance and energy efficiency. The superior performance of the Amplon N series UPS 6/10kVA can fully safeguard small power rating loads in various vertical markets and applications. Dr. Charles Tsai stated, “More competitive UPS models in the Amplon family will be available as a complete UPS portfolio. Delta continues to invest engineering resources in UPS development to meet customer needs in the global market.”