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  • 2013.09.11

    How Do I Deploy the Best Back-up Power and Environment Monitoring & Management Systems in a Datacenter?

    As modern technology develops, our reliance on computer systems continues to grow. A datacenter ensures that the operations of a corporation or organization can run continuously. To fulfill the mission of running 24-7, the datacenter needs to deploy a fault free monitoring system that provides all the necessary information and guarantees that all monitoring and contingency mechanisms will operate according to plan. For a comprehensive system with power failure contingencies and an environment management system, the following are some suggestions:


    Power Failure Contingency Mechanism

    Power failure and other power-related hiccups are a major reason for the loss of information and the shortened life-spans of your equipment. A company should pay special attention to contingency mechanisms. Delta InsightPower Manager Software can be used to monitor remaining battery charge and use the remaining time effectively. With an SNMP card or the Delta UPSentry 2012, servers with ShutdownAgent 2012 installed can connect with multiple UPSs. When there is a problem with the power supply, ShutdownAgent 2012 will turn off the operating system even those on the virtual machine to make sure the whole process follows normal procedures to safeguard critical data.

    Power Failure Contingency Mechanism


    Environment Management

    In addition to power management, a datacenter’s environment is the IT professional’s biggest concern. This is often the most critical issue compared to power management.

    IT professionals need to have precise control over the temperature, humidity, security and more for each server rack to effectively manage the environment of a datacenter. Delta’s EnviroProbe can detect temperature and humidity inside a single or multiple server racks. EnviroProbe also provides four contact closure inputs for environment sensor devices that monitor datacenter conditions such as security, water, fire and smoke, and the real-time data can be sent to IT managers via a network, or displayed through the InsightPower Manager.

    If a comprehensive data center environment management solution is needed, the Delta InfraSuite Manager is a datacenter infrastructure management system that can monitor IT facilities and datacenter infrastructure. Its open framework and system can connect, collect, and monitor Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Cabinets (PDC), Power Distribution Units (PDU), modular racks, precision cooling, generators, and more. The InfraSuite Manager offers a complete cross-system platform for IT managers to easily monitor the datacenter from all aspects.

    Environment Management

    Delta’s complete range of environment management systems can assist IT staff in managing, monitoring and maintaining the datacenter effectively. As the datacenter serves as the most important operations resource in a company, Delta’s management solutions ensures the minimal time for dealing with an emergency, decreasing incidences of human error, and preventing the company from suffering loss or damage.