• 2019 Data Center Solution Day - Bringing your Data Center into the IoT Era
  • Highlights from 2019 Data Center Solution Day

    Delta Promotes IoT Era Data Centers at 2019 Data Center Solution Day Thailand

    Bangkok, Thailand, September 5, 2019- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. promoted its total data center solutions for the IoT era at the 2019 Data Center Solutions Day Thailand at Hotel Nikko Bangkok. The event aimed to educate and promote Delta’s latest solutions to partners with educational seminars from industry experts and showcases of Delta’s Point of Delivery (POD), Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Micro Datacenter, Busway, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Novotouch.

    Mr. Jackie Chang, Delta Thailand Vice President, opened the event by introducing how new trends like 5G, IoT and big data are impacting the data center industry and how edge computing and collocation are driving new modular designs. “Pre-fabrication has a modular design that can deploy on-site after assembly and pre-testing at the factory. We use pre-fabricated designs like our all-in-one data center and modular containers with power modules, cooling modules or IT modules. This saves construction time for our customers,” he said. “Regardless of which type of design, we have comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of customers building data centers.”

    At the product showcases, the participants explored Delta’s data center solutions including the Micro Datacenter, POD type dynamic modular data center, Busway System and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) that customers can use for rapid build out and scale-up of energy-saving data centers with reliable power and optimal PUE. Management solutions like the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Novotouch display give managers full tracking and control over their data centers.

    In the expert seminars, Mr. Sakda Sae-Ueng, Delta CIS Senior Manager, shared lessons learned during Delta’s successful data center installations and solution implementation and gave ideas of how partners can transform to next-gen data centers. Other key industry partners also joined Delta’s event to share their expertise. Mr. Pichaya Limpivest, Intel IoT Sales Group Regional Sales Manager, presented AI and IoT future trends. Mr. Greg Chen, APAC Director of Marketing Uptime Institute, talked about how to avoid outage and sustain digital infrastructure reliability.

    As a future-proof solutions provider, Delta promotes its energy-saving and scalable data center solutions to customers as vehicles to transform their digital infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s society. Delta pushes the boundaries of efficiency to power digital transformation to deliver on its brand promise: Smarter. Greener. Together.

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