UPS Amplon Family 1kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Amplon Family
UPS Ultron Family 10kVA or higher
Three-Phase On-Line UPS
Delta UPS Ultron Family
UPS Modulon Family 20kVA or higher
Modular UPS
Delta UPS Modulon Family
UPS Agilon Family Under 1.5kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Agilon Family

DPH Series UPS, Three Phase, 25- 75/150/200 kW, Scalable Up to 800 kW in Parallel

Benefits & Features

Ultimate Availability
Advanced fault tolerance design achieved by self redundancy guarantees operation continuity
Self-synchronization of power and control modules for continuous on-line operation even in the event of control module failure avoids downtime caused by single point failure
Hot-swappable key modules and components to ensure Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk
High Scalability
Vertical expansion from 25 kW to 75/150/200 kW supporting N+X redundancy in a single rack enclosure reduces footprint
Parallel expansion up to four units without requiring additional hardware
Optional Rack-Mount Power Distribution Cabinet (rPDC) (applicable for 75/150 kW models) has flexibility to arrange its UPS’s output power feeding according to its connected critical loads
Optional built-in battery modules (applicable for 75 kW models) at maximum four units (four battery trays each)
Excellent Power Performance and Efficiency
Fully rated power (kVA=kW) maximizes power availability
High AC-AC operating efficiency of 95% at 30% light load and 96% from 50% load results in marked energy cost savings
Low harmonic pollution (iTHD < 3%) reduces upstream investment costs and meets demanding power requirements
Easy Maintenance
Built-in manual bypass features eliminate maintenance-related downtime
Proactive detection of fan failure and switch fault for early diagnosis of UPS malfunction
Plug and play modularity simplifies the maintenance process
Ultimate Availability
Ultimate Availability for Mission Critical Operations
High Scalability
Modularity Designed for Scalability
High Efficiency
Excellent Power Efficiency and Performance
Easy Maintenance
Hot plug and hot swap simplify the maintenance process

Product available regions :

EMEA North America Latin America SEA & OCEA India China Taiwan South Korea Japan

For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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