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  • 2009.03.17

    Finnish telecoms forerunner trusts in Delta

    Elisa and Delta Energy Systems have worked together for decades despite changes in both companies over the years. According to Elisa’s Systems Expert Tero Välimäki, strong personal relationships have guaranteed the success of the partnership. “Work has always been carried out in a highly professional manner. Top-quality devices and system solutions have been the cornerstones of the decades-long collaboration,” says Välimäki. “In addition, the Delta’s great customer service, technical support service and flexibility have influenced our supplier decisions and have ensured a continued collaboration,” he continues. Elisa uses Delta’s DC and AC systems in all size categories.

    For new devices, Elisa generally chooses the Delta PSC 3 control unit. “Connectivity to the IP network and the wealth of functions and features are our reasons for choosing the PSC 3 controller,” says Välimäki. “PSC 3 is versatile, and the most obvious advantage – as well challenge – for the customer is really being able to choose which features you want and need. The new PSC 3 is an advanced solution, which removes the need to fiddle with laptop configurations because the connection is really easy to set up.”

    Välimäki was the lucky winner of an Apple iPod Touch, the prize of our customer survey draw announced in issue 3/2008 of Current Delta News.

    Elisa Corporation is a leading Nordic communications services provider and a publicly listed Eurotop-500 company, with operations in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Russia. The company serves some 2 million consumers regionally and around 15,000 enterprises globally. Elisa’s global alliance partners are Vodafone and Telenor.
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