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  • 2008.06.17

    Customers talk up Delta

    “We are most valued for three things,” says Tuula Tikkanen, HR Manager for the Delta Energy Solutions EMEA & SA business unit. “The professionalism and competence of our customer interface staff, the quality and reliability of our products and our daily customer service operations.”

    “All of this makes us very glad, of course, and very proud for our company!”

    Delta conducted a customer survey in the first quarter of 2008. The attributes praised by customers are the cornerstones of any successful partnership, and they will be fostered in future as well.

    “When we recruit new staff we look for people who want to serve our customers and do things right the first time. Quality consciousness should be an innate property. We test the applicants, and once employed they enter our comprehensive training programme. In fact, last year we exploded our training target by going 173 per cent over!”

    Getting better

    To make things even better, we have established a new customer support centre within the business unit. The objective of this unit is ‘to collect, correct, confirm and coordinate information between sales and production’. Our customers should benefit from this new centre, with shorter lead times and improved accuracy of delivery.

    “Our target is to deliver on time in each case, and we’ve come up with new ways for monitoring and follow-up,” says Demand-Supply Manager Teija Huhta. “We want to help our customers, and we’re extremely happy if they can tell the difference!”

    We are eager to make sure we remain at the top our league in future, too, so we shall repeat the survey in 2009, with even better results, we hope.

    We wish to thank all our customers who took part in the survey. Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback anytime!
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