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  • 2008.12.10

    Great new upgrades

    PSC3 – battery block measurement brings peace of mind

    A new battery block measurement has been announced for the PSC3 controller. The new option enhances system reliability by locating potential battery problems at an early stage.

    “The module spots any abnormal voltage differences within the batteries and alerts the user”, explains Product Manager Matti Heikkilä. “Our aim is to make our customers life as carefree as possible. We like the new feature ourselves and we believe you will love it too.”

    2.7 kW rectifier updated for network maintenance

    The new entry our popular 2.7 kW rectifier series incorporates a CAN interface. Coupled with a PSC controller this means easier network maintenance and less trips onsite.

    “We are talking about a whole new degree of simplicity”, confirms Global Product Manager, Hans-Peter Glauser. “Network maintenance is something to appreciate especially in areas where monsoons, tropical storms, cold winters or other extreme conditions might make it difficult to reach the site.”

    “This is not only more convenient, but also saves our customers money.”

    Installation has been made easy as the CAN interface is plug-and-play.

    “I think we will all be happy to get our site up-and-running without the tedious hassle of addressing and other setup intricacies”, Glauser says.

    The new 2.7 kW rectifier continues the Delta tradition of diminutive size combined with impressive power density; in this case 34W/inch3. The compact size allows installation in space critical applications like street side broadband and tower wireless base installations.

    NH UPS – new option for uninterrupted power

    NH UPS is a new, easily upgradable solution with 20 kW power modules. NH can be installed parallel, securing power up to 160 kVa. In normal mode the system runs at 94% efficiency, and in ECO mode the number goes up to 97%.

    “Expandability and adaptability are the key here”, says UPS Product Manager Nico Leibenguth. “We want to make our customers’ life easier, and NH UPS does just that.”

    Delta have paid attention to the requirement of easy maintenance and short mean time to recovery. With NH UPS a defective module can be changed to a new one with the system in operation. With a large number of interface options NH can be easily looped to networked management.

    “With our comprehensive UPS management software integrated control of the system and critical load is easy”, Leibenguth reflects. “Just the way our customers have said they want it.”
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