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  • 2009.12.17

    Another Benchmark Project by Delta

    Delta has designed a massive 9,200 A InD power supply system for the Brazilian telecom operator TIM. Delta has delivered the equipment as a turnkey solution that included installation and deployment.

    The benchmark system built for TIM is based on Delta’s DPR 3500B rectifiers. Up to 128 rectifiers can be installed in the system. The superb energy efficiency and 3.5 kW output of the DPR 3500 rectifier ensure sufficient total output in a compact size.

    The system can be controlled remotely using the PSC 3 controller. The controller features integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functions to enhance flexibility, monitoring and site infrastructure management. Other key features of the PSC 3 include advanced battery management and testing methods.

    “The performance of the system is impressive,” said Hewton Seiji Hiroki, CEO at Delta Energy Systems Brazil. “Thanks to a technology that offers high energy density, the system is very compact in size. Yet, the dimensions of the system are amazing! The only alternative to this system, which boasts a width no less than 5180 mm, would have been a configuration consisting of several power supply systems.”

    “However, squeezing the required output into a single unit has brought significant cost savings for our customers. In addition, our first-class modules provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.”

    “The design, manufacture and deployment of a tailored, exceptional system is yet another demonstration of the cutting-edge expertise of our Engineering Team,” he continued.

    The system was installed in Rio de Janeiro, where it now secures services for mobile phone and broadband users.

    With operations in 2,900 cities in Brazil, TIM is part of the Telecom Italia Group. Delta has been cooperating with TIM Brazil since 1998, when TIM launched its operations in Brazil.
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