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  • 2008.09.11

    Enhanced power system control

    Let’s face it, not everywhere on the globe is utility power quality good enough,” states B. Madhu Babu, Product Manager for Delta Energy Systems. “If we look at Africa or southern parts of Asia, a clear need emerges for equipment protecting power solutions from voltage surges. What you want is less down-time, and you’d want to utilise any mains increases, too.”

    At Delta, we have heard the call. Our solution is the SMCS, a.k.a. the Site Monitoring and Control System. The SMCS is designed to be a compact integrated power feeding solution to the telecom base stations with innovative features such as a voltage stabilizer to achieve the best possible power system efficiency over a wide AC voltage range. Also included are an automatic transfer switch between AC utility and genset as well as a healthy phase selector which ensures full power capability in case of phase interruptions in the AC utility network. Moreover the unit has DG health check up logic and a built-in AC distribution panel as well as an alarm panel for easy installation – all integrated into one compact system.

    The SMCS also sports a user friendly LCD interface alongside unique protection features and genset fuel saving functionality by sensing battery voltage and shelter temperature. In addition to fuel savings, reduced operating hours of genset lead to longer intervals between maintenance. In short, all this means also longer overall lifetime of the genset.

    The SMCS is available either as a standalone version or as a part of systems packages.
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