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  • 2009.12.17

    Delta Supplies the Biggest Power Supply System in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Delta is delivering The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s biggest, 6,000 A power supply system.

    “We are offering our customers such a robust solution for several reasons: in our solution, a single unit replaces several small ones, and the system can be expanded easily. Furthermore, the reliability of our power supply systems creates significant cost savings in the long term,” said Motaz Al Ma’ani, Regional Sales Manager at Delta. “This first system provides 6,000 A, but in the future we will be delivering systems supplying up to 10,000 A. This is an important opening for Delta. We are proud to take part in securing the reliability of telecom services in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he continued.

    “The system has been designed especially for telecom exchanges and data centers, the key hubs in telecommunications,” said Akram Aburas, CEO at ACES, a long-term partner of Delta. “We are pleased to present the product to the country’s most important operators. ACES delivers turnkey solutions that include system installation and deployment,” said Akram.

    “The development and design of such a product requires advanced R&D expertise and seamless cooperation. Indeed, Delta would like to thank ACES especially Power Manager Mr. Mazheruddin Khaja, but also Delta’s global team for the successful outcome,” Motaz concluded.

    Based on MCS6000 series, this system was designed and manufactured in one of Delta’s state-of-the-art ISO9001 and TL9000 certified plants, where the patent, unique 3Phase, and very high energy efficiency 6kW ESRC-48/100A rectifier modules are produced.

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