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  • 2008.06.17

    Delta wins award

    Brocade have given Delta their “Customer Focus” award, citing Delta’s development support, technology and world-class manufacturing facilities as reasons for their decision. Brocade thanks Delta for excellent support and a proactive attitude in helping customers. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is a California-based data centre networking and shared storage solutions provider.

    Energy efficient power system unveiled

    Delta have come up with an improved power system for telecom base stations and base station controllers. The new energy efficient system, from 1U to 3U, uses 1.6 KW rectifiers. By improving power density by 25 % the new system enables significant cost savings.

    Delta donates to China relief

    Delta Group have donated 10 million renminbi, about EUR 910 000, to victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China. The money will be distributed to various relief efforts providing aid to those in need. Delta have sites in China but none of them were affected by the earthquake.

    R&D reshuffle

    Delta Energy Solutions Business Group have reorganised their R&D and established two new units, a Core Platform Development department and a Global Product Management team. The new units mainly draw from existing resources, and the objective of the reshuffle is to make company R&D more efficient and agile.
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    Delta wins award