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  • 2009.03.17

    Delta unveils new rectifier with industry-leading power density – and with a new look!

    Delta launched its new DPR 2400B-48 rectifier series in February. This series has the highest power density on the market for a rack mounted product. This means that a single rack unit can host up to 6 rectifier modules with a total installed power of up to 14.4kW. The product will be available in the first quarter of 2009.

    More power in a smaller package
    “With the new series we can provide at least 20% more power in one shelf than before,” says Hans-Peter Glauser, Global Product Manager at Delta.

    “The 2.4kW rectifier takes up only half the rack space and weighs up to a fourth less when compared to similar products. We see this as a great solution for everyone involved. The direct and indirect savings in materials and even transportation reduce environmental footprints – as well as freight bills,” Glauser continues.

    New look
    In connection with the product launch, Delta also unveils the new look of its rectifiers. In the latest customer survey we got the highest ratings for product quality and reliability, as well as for the knowledge and competence of our people. We wanted the look of our products to reflect these extremely important values. You will start to see the new look in all of our systems in Q1–Q2 of 2009.
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