Delta Helps Greenergy Data Centers Complete Prestigious Project in the Baltics

Greenergy Data Centers has recently built a new, large-scale data center in Tallinn, Estonia. Part of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI), it’s the most modern and energy-efficient data center in the region. 3SI was launched in 2015 by the countries of the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Seas to pursue joint public policy goals for transport, energy, and digital infrastructure. The individual projects are implemented by the private sector with funding from the 3SI Investment Fund. The goal is to improve connections between 12 EU-member states in the region and thus strengthen EU cohesion. Delta’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for the project were supplied, installed, and commissioned together with Delta’s partner, DC Solutions.


Building the biggest data center in the Baltics

Greenergy Data Centers was founded by telecoms and technology executive Üllar Jaaksoo in Estonia in 2020, when the country still lacked sustainable and reliable purpose-built data centers. With this mission in mind, Greenergy completed the Tallinn facility with multiple levels of security as well as redundant cooling and electrical systems to keep customer assets safe. The resulting 14,500 m² facility with a power capacity of 31.5 MW now delivers high reliability for colocation and private suite customers. This data center will contribute to the development of e-commerce and digital life in the Baltics as part of the Three Seas Initiative.


Finding a vendor capable of fulfilling all the project’s needs

Each one of the Tallinn facility’s private suites includes its own separate UPS, which is a unique feature for a data center. By providing each suite with its own UPS, Greenergy Data Centers can provide customers full transparency on electricity consumption with lower cable loss and less risk of power issues. Consequently, the private rooms effectively represent mini data centers within the larger data center. Considering the additional technical UPS units also required for the €40-million facility, for instance for cooling and other systems, the chosen vendor would need to supply a broad range of solutions, including modular UPS. Table stakes for any UPS brand Greenergy Data Centers considered include modularity, scalability, reliability, and the use of state-of-the art technology.


A broad portfolio capable of satisfying all requirements

Greenergy Data Centers awarded the contract of the new data center to Delta and DC Solutions Estonia, a Delta partner that focuses on providing data centers and offices with special solutions. The proposed Delta UPS models fit their requirements for each specific application in the new data center, as Delta offers a full range of UPS from 1 kVA to 500 kVA with outstanding total cost of ownership. The exceptional performance of Delta’s UPS solutions all played a role in the decision. Delta also offers outstanding modular power supplies for situations that require greater flexibility.

Another factor that really helped Greenergy Data Centers decide to move forward with the deal was a visit to the Delta demo site in Soest, Germany. This demo site allows the customer to inspect Delta UPS systems in action, including the DPH 500 kVA, which would later be a key piece of equipment in Tallinn.

Delta provides a diverse range of UPSs to fulfill customer requirements.


A smooth project despite challenging times

DC Solutions Estonia handled design and engineering consultation, defined the solution, and carried out installation and commissioning. Scheduling issues caused by the pandemic in addition to the normal interdependencies new construction entails required considerable flexibility from DC Solutions Estonia. Despite these challenges, the project progressed smoothly.

Of course, in any installation of this size, minor hiccups are unavoidable during installation and commissioning. The Delta team based in Slovakia offered the fast and capable technical support for clients and partners, for instance in the event of a battery replacement or other issues. All systems in Tallinn are now up and running according to spec.

“We have built a secure, reliable, and energy-efficient data center in Tallinn — it’s the largest in the region. A modular UPS solution was a must-have and devices from Delta ticked all the boxes for us. Thanks to the good cooperation with Delta and DC Solutions Estonia, we are offering maximum uptime and reliability.” said Kert Evert, Chief development officer from Greenergy Data Centers.

For Margus Sinisaar, CEO of DC Solutions Estonia. “This data center project was proof that we can do big things with Delta. But it’s no surprise, we’ve been working with them for years now. Sometimes, it feels like they are reading my mind: there was one time I thought, ‘Delta should release this kind of product,’ and one year later it came out. I didn't even have time to request it. It was already available.”

Pertti Lipponen, Sales Manager at Delta Solutions Finland, echoed Sinisaar’s view of the business relationship. “We were excited to be a part in this momentous project for Estonia. When it comes to the dependencies that a greenfield data center project always involves, it’s important to be flexible and work with partners you can depend on. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with DC Solutions Estonia, which paid off for all stakeholders in this case.”