Delta UPS and DCIM solutions power new, green data center and data lab for Bytesnet

Delta, a global leader in thermal and power management solutions, announced today that its DPH500 modular UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and InfraSuite Manager data center information management system are now in operation at Bytesnet’s new d’Root data center at Zernike Campus Groningen in the Netherlands. Bytesnet is a regional colocation and network services provider with two main datacenter locations in Rotterdam and Groningen. In addition to a 2,500 m2 data floor, the 6,500 m2 facility also houses a data lab where research and education take place. As a tier 3+ facility, reliability was an extremely important factor in choosing the power infrastructure.


Protecting the environment through power efficiency

At the heart of the d’Root data center is a 6-megawatt power system. The three-phase modular DPH500 Delta UPS that Bytesnet has chosen for its new data center was one of the keys to minimizing the facility’s environmental footprint. With its exceptionally high power density, Delta’s DPH500 UPS requires only 50% as much space as competing solutions. This Delta UPS also offers industry-leading AC-AC efficiency of 96.5%, resulting in considerably lower energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs for Bytesnet.


A unique combination of UPS and DCIM

Bytesnet selected Delta to supply not only its exceptionally high-density and high-efficiency DPH500 UPS system, but also its comprehensive InfraSuite Manager data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. The DCIM system gives Bytesnet full control over all aspects of operating d’Root. It also allows for additional optimization and efficiency gains. By combining the market-leading power density and efficiency of the DPH500 with Delta’s comprehensive infrastructure management suite, Bytesnet has taken advantage of a unique offering in the data center power system space.


How InfraSuite Manager DCIM is helping Bytesnet

The comprehensive InfraSuite Manager data center information management system Delta supplied for the d’Root data center provides a number of significant benefits. With the DCIM in place, Bytesnet can collect energy consumption data from power meters and environmental detectors in real time to monitor data center operation remotely. The colocation provider can also use the capacity module to analyze different aspects of the data center such as power, load, and rack capacity. This information forms the basis for future decisions about expanding data center assets. The DCIM can also visualize rack operating status in 2D or 3D views, which can help Bytesnet present the benefits of the data center’s professional data center management system to customers.


The world of tomorrow lives and breathes data

Peter de Jong, CEO of Bytesnet, said, “Here, we really are laying the foundation for the 21st century economy. In Delta, we have found a valuable partner that is with us all the way.” And the new facility in Groningen is pioneering in more ways than just its advanced power equipment. Bytesnet has partnered on this project with local universities, regional ICT vendors, and the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, Astron. In the d’Root data lab, students, scientists, professionals, and Bytesnet staff and customers work together on developing the data technologies of the future.


A showcase for the datacenter of tomorrow

Demand for datacenter capacity is increasing rapidly, and so is the cost of energy. Jack Chou, Sales Manager BNL Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions Delta Electronics EMEA Region, said, “Bytesnet’s choice of Delta for such a high-profile project shows that the Delta solutions are perceived as leading, state-of-the-art technology by top experts in the field. Delta’s solutions are already designed today for a future in which colocation providers will need much more efficient and environmentally friendly power equipment. The d’Root facility offers a compelling example of how other colocation providers can also meet tomorrow’s challenges by innovating today.”

Delta UPS and DCIM solutions power new, green data center and data lab for Bytesnet