Delta's InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solution Helps Harbin Radio, Film and Television Bureau Build a Highly-efficient Datacenter

Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solution Business Unit (MCIS BU) recently provided its industry-leading Delta InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solution to build an eco-friendly datacenter for the Harbin Radio, Film and Television (RFT) Bureau. The highly integrated datacenter solution offers high expansion capability and other advantages to customers.

The InfraSuite datacenter infrastructure solution integrates Delta's advanced technology based on fully integrated design and scalable system architecture. Its high manageability, modularity and flexibility make it ideal for large and medium-sized datacenters. Besides meeting the current IT needs of the Harbin RFT Bureau, the solution also anticipates future business development. The solution’s industry-leading products include precision cooling, the Ultron HPH 30kVA UPS, power distribution cabinets, racks and other products. With outstanding specs and features, the products ensure high energy efficiency and reliability. The integrated and modular design also provides a variety of technical and operation benefits for customers.

One of the highlights of this application is the Ultron HPH series UPS, an online double conversion UPS system designed by Delta especially for high-end application environments. It provides a clean and reliable power supply and meets the continuous operation load demands. The Ultron HPH series UPS adopts the most advanced technologies in the industry such as three-phase power factor correction (PFC) and three-level inversion (TLI). It features the best performance in the industry with an overall efficiency of up to 96% (up to 99% in ECO mode), an input power factor of over 0.99, an input total current harmonic distortion of less than 3% and an output power factor of up to 1.

This was another successful eco-friendly datacenter project for Delta’s InfraSuite solution in the radio, film and television industry, following the Shaanxi Broadcast & TV project, the Zhejiang Radio & TV project, and others. As network convergence continues as a trend in China, datacenters in the radio, film and television industry are embracing a new round of datacenter renovation and construction. Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions maintains a leading position in radio, film and television industry datacenters in China.