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  • 2015.01.19

    Modulon DPH Series UPS Wins 2014 “Product of the Year” in China

    Delta’s Modulon DPH Series UPS from Delta has been recognized once again by IT 168 ( in China as the 2014 “product of the year” with the leading technology award. Among the most successful IT media in China, IT168 has a one-of-a-kind individual evaluation system. During the evaluation process for the 2014 leading technology award, IT168 evaluated all the nominees on many aspects, including sales performance, client recognition, technology breakthroughs and more. The new Modulon DPH 75/150kW Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) was selected among competing products for its ultimate availability, high scalability and excellent power performance and efficiency.

    The selection of Delta’s Modulon DPH 75/150kW UPS indicates that the product is a technology-leading product in its power rating, serving as the best choice for a medium-sized datacenter and leading the trends for green operation and efficiency. The Modulon DPH Series UPS not only has high reliability, excellent efficiency and power performance, its advanced fault tolerance design is achieved by self-redundancy to guarantee operation continuity. The self-synchronization of power and control modules allows continuous online operation even in the event of a control module failure to avoid downtime caused by a single point failure. The hot-swappable key modules and components can ensure Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk.

    The Modulon DPH is designed for horizontal and seamless vertical expansion. Within a standard 19 inch rack, the vertical expansion can be from 25kW to 75/150/200kW supporting N+X redundancy in a single rack enclosure to save on the equipment footprint. The benefit of “pay as you go” supports business growth without over investment. Its high AC-AC operating efficiency of 95% at 30% light load and 96% at 50% load can result in marked energy cost savings.

    With all of these remarkable product features and its best-in-class technology, Modulon DPH has already won the “Technology of the Year” in the “Save Energy!” award category in Russia. With this latest award, DPH is once again recognized as a best-in-class product in the industry.


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