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  • 2015.03.23

    Delta Demonstrates Modular Datacenter and IT Power Management Solutions at CeBIT 2015

    Delta Electronics, a leading global energy-saving solutions provider, showcased its innovative IT power management and datacenter solutions under the theme “Protect the Moments that Matter” at CeBIT, the world’s largest business IT and ICT event. Delta has introduced its “Smarter Modular Datacenter Solutions” in Hall 12 (DatacenterDynamics @ CeBIT) and “Smarter IT Power Management” in Hall 15 (Planet Reseller) to introduce its full range of mission critical infrastructure solutions to the visitors.

    This year CeBIT featured a joint venture with DatacenterDynamics, its first in a 28-year history, to create the world’s largest international datacenter event. Focusing on IT managers’ needs in this era of Big Data, and the challenges of data growth and the scalability of datacenter infrastructure, Delta demonstrated InfraSuite, its fully integrated and scalable datacenter architecture and smart environmental management InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) with real-time monitoring and remote control functions. Featuring “Smarter Modular Datacenter Solutions” at CeBIT‘s Hall 12, Delta InfraSuite presented the following core benefits:

    • Highly Scalable:
      Delta InfraSuite is a pay-as-you-go structure for seamless expansion and quick deployment of datacenters. In the changing IT industry environment, the scalable flexibility of Delta’s InfraSuite can right-size infrastructure at the right time without overinvestment. 

    • Ultra Reliable:
      Ensuring the critical power supply of the datacenter, Delta’s Modulon DPH series UPS is a fully modular and fault-tolerant design that meets the strict requirements for availability due to increased IT-dependent business operations. The hot-swappable power modules and key components of Delta’s InfraSuite also ensure a Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk.

    • Energy Efficient:
      As a green datacenter advocate and provider, Delta is determined to help enterprises optimize PUE and save operating costs by approximately 25%. High performance DPH and HPH series UPS offer best-in-class AC-AC efficiency up to 96%, RowCool with high inlet water temperature and other power management solutions help optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Delta InfraSuite helped the National United University in Taiwan largely improve the average PUE of its critical IT facilities from 2.99 originally to around 1.6. Delta’s own datacenter in its Taipei headquarters, which also implemented InfraSuite, reaches a remarkable average PUE below 1.43, thus, meeting the criteria for gold-level datacenter efficiency defined by Green Grid.

    • Superior Manageability:
      Delta’s datacenter infrastructure management InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) with real-time monitoring and remote control functions is a smart way for IT managers to better monitor the entire datacenter with fingertip control and reduce the cost of datacenter operations.

    In the Planet Reseller exhibition at Hall 15, Delta demonstrated single-phase UPSs focusing on “Smarter IT Power Management” for IT resellers:

    • Reliable and Green Power Solution:
      To support network devices, security, surveillance systems and POS systems of small and medium-sized enterprises, Delta offers the single-phase UPSs Amplon M 1-3k and RT 1-10k for reliable and efficient power protection. Delta will also display a single rack IT power management solution for easy 1+1 redundancy by using the Delta RT UPS, which meets TIA-942 Tier 2 reliability requirement. The static transfer switch (STS) plays a key role for power redundant configurations for high reliability.  

    • Intelligent UPS Management Solution:
      Delta’s UPSentry and ShutdownAgent support customers to better prevent data loss and protect the IT equipment behind the UPSs.

    Delta received excellent feedback from visitors for its comprehensive solutions and leading product features. “With our success at this show, we have faith that Delta’s solutions will be widely adapted in the EMEA and our products will be recognized by more clients.” said Peter Bigler, the head of sales for Delta MCIS EMEA.

    Delta Demonstrates Modular Datacenter and IT Power Management Solutions at CeBIT 2015


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