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  • 2015.04.21

    Delta Presents the Smart and Energy-efficient InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions at Hannover Messe 2015

    Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, will unveil at Hannover Messe 2015 its latest advance in energy conservation and intelligent monitoring technology for datacenters, InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions, a highly integrated, adaptable, and modular platform capable of realizing up to 25% energy savings as well as significant benefits in productivity related to installation and maintenance operations. These benefits, added to the intelligent real-time monitoring and remote control of datacenter facilities, achievable through the InfraSuite Manager EMS3000 software system, underscore Delta’s profile as a leading provider of smart, highly integrated and eco-friendly solutions.

    In the current era of Big Data, the explosive growth in internet traffic is boosting demand for datacenters that require high power supply density but that can create severe heat dissipation problems. This leads to a massive increase in the energy consumption of cooling systems. InfraSuite is Delta’s response for enterprises around the world that seek to optimize the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of their datacenters.

    Delta InfraSuite is a comprehensive yet modular datacenter infrastructure solution that includes Power Management, Precision Cooling, Rack & Accessories, and Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) to offer the following core benefits:

    High Scalability:
    InfraSuite is a pay-as-you-go structure for seamless expansion and quick deployment of data centers. In the changing IT industry environment, the scalable flexibility of Delta’s InfraSuite can right-size infrastructure at the right time without overinvestment. Witnessing the global trends of data center consolidation and larger scale, Delta offers the DPS 500kVA series UPS, which can be paralleled to up to 8 units (4MVA in total) without extra hardware, for quick power expansion to meet the growing power demands of large datacenters.

    Energy Efficiency:
    For eco-conscious datacenter customers, Delta offers the DPS, HPH, and DPH series UPSs which feature high AC-AC efficiency of up to 96%. Even at light loads of 25-30%, which is the typical data center load, the efficiency can be 92-93%, saving significant operating costs. Delta precision cooling RowCool which leverages Delta’s multi-decade track record in thermal management with high inlet water temperature and other power management solutions help optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    High Availability:
    Depending on the needs of the datacenter facilities of our customers, InfraSuite adopts different UPS options developed by Delta. The DPH series UPS is a fully modular and fault-tolerant design that meets the strict requirements for availability due to increased IT-dependent business operations. The newly-launched HPH series 60-120kW has a swappable interior architecture and front access servicing which enables quick and easy maintenance. The hot-swappable power modules and key components of Delta InfraSuite also ensure a Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk.

    Intelligent Management:
    Delta’s datacenter infrastructure management InfraSuite Manager EMS3000 enables real-time monitoring and remote control functions. This smart platform helps IT managers to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the entire datacenter with fingertip control, while reducing the cost of datacenter operations.

    Delta’s InfraSuite and UPS solutions have obtained broad recognition from worldwide customers such as the datacenters of luxury car manufacturers in Germany, bio-pharmaceutical factories and aviation training centers in India, leading semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan, global tier-1 PVC chemicals and fiber corporations, key telecommunication operators in China, and more.

    Delta Presents the Smart and Energy-efficient InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions at Hannover Messe 2015 


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