Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel, 40 kVA


High Flexibility
Provides 1 phase and 3 phase breaker modules with 16A and 32A rating options
Highly scalable design allows tool-less installation of a maximum four breaker modules (optional), and supports a maximum 12 branches
Standard rRPP chassis fits all 1P/3P 16A/32A breaker modules, and easily adapts to power feed requirement changes
High Reliability
Intelligently monitors system /each branch’s status for power usage and viability
Compartmentalized control with separate breaker module and phases
Offers abnormal voltage and current alarms
Offers abnormal voltage and current alarms
Proactive management from assets with up to 2000 event logs and data trending
Configurable alarm notification for over/under current and poor power factor
Each breaker module has LED light for easily identifiable power status
Freely connects to computer with built-in RS-485 or USB port to monitor branch status and parameter configuration
Mini SNMP card (optional) allows remote system/branch monitoring. Provides quick summary with glance view, and detail system/branch power status data are readily available
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