Listado de Productos

Rack Accessories

1U Fixed Shelf
Model: MSR1111
Weight: 7 kg
Dimensions: W480.5xD664xH44 mm
1U Sliding Shelf
Model: MSR1112
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: W482xD718xH44 mm
Bottom Perforated Cover
Model: MSR1114
Weight: 6.70 kg
Dimensions: W538xD835.8xH39 mm
1U Blanking Panel
Model: MSR1115 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.17 kg
Dimensions: W482.6xH43.7xT1.0 mm
2U Blanking Panel
Model: MSR1116 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.33 kg
Dimensions: W482.6xH88xT1.0 mm
Power Trough with Through-hole
Model: MSR1117
Weight: 4.12 kg
Dimensions: W580xD320xH190 mm
Cable Through with Through-hole
Model: MSR1119
Weight: 1.74 kg
Dimensions: W580xD75xH125 mm
Vertical Cable Management Channel
Model: MSR9001 (2 pcs)
Weight: 1.90 kg
Dimensions: W53xD63xH888 mm
1U Horizontal Cable Management Channel
Model: MSR9002
Weight: 0.97 kg
Dimensions: W482xD50xH44 mm
Cable Ladder (300mm wide)
Model: MSR9005
Weight: 4.54 kg
Dimensions: W300xD50xH1560 mm
Cable Ring
Model: MSR9008 (10 pcs)
Weight: 0.013kg
Dimensions: W45xD85xH5 mm
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