• Delta Lithium-ion UPS Battery System, Designed for Mission-critical Applications
  • UZR Gen3 Series, UPS Li-ion Battery System

    System Overview

    Battery Cabinet

    • Standard 19" rack cabinet

    • Integrated main BMS with gateway hub design for parallel communication connection

    • Top cable entry (power and signal)

    • Front access only for placing against a wall

    • Compact design to highest energy density (106.5 kWh/m²) and power density (806 kW/m²) in a small footprint

    • GR-63-Core Zone 4 design available

    • Dual aux. power sources (AC & DC)

    Safety Control Box

    • High-power applications

    • Built-in safety breaker (MCCB rating 400 A)

    • Dual relay/diode protection loop

    • Built-in battery management unit (BMU)

    • Meets isolation standard for power & control

    Battery Module

    • IP20 rating

    • 20 cells in series connection

    • Quick plug-in connector on the front panel

    • Integrated cell monitor unit (AFE Board)
      - Monitors the voltage and temperature of each cell
      - Communicates with the BMU for data collection and alarm notifications

    Battery Cell

    • High-power/long-life prismatic cell

    • High capacity 60 Ah – Delta P140

    • Nominal voltage 3.7 V

    Delta UZR Gens Series UPS Li-ion Battery System Overview
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