• Delta Power Quality Solutions
  • Static Var Generator (SVG)


    Product available regions : Australia, China, EMEA, India, SEA, South Korea, Taiwan
    Multifunctional: Reactive power and imbalance compensation
    Excellent reactive compensation: High speed, Precise (-0.99≤Cosφ≤0.99), Step-less, Bi-directional (capacitive and inductance) compensation
    Excellent imbalance correction: Both negative and zero sequence, mitigates neutral current
    Wide input voltage & frequency range, adapts to tough electrical environment
    Low thermal loss (≤3% of rated SVG capacity), efficiency ≥ 97%
    High stability: Infinite impedance to grid, avoids harmonic resonance problem
    Flexible application: Modular design, embedded in standard or customized cabinet
    Easy installation and maintenance: Easy installation for APF module replacement and expansion
    Wide capacity range: 50kvar~350kvar for a single cabinet, up to 10 cabinets in parallel
    Environmental adaptability: -10~50°C temperature, compatible with diesel generators
    Complete protection: Grid over/under voltage, SVG over current, over temperature, and others. All faults recorded inevent log, convenient for failure analysis
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