InfraSuite Manager - Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


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Management Philosophy for Data Center Optimization

Management Philosophy for Data Center Optimization

Measure and monitor the overall data center environment in real-time
from a central dashboard

Create a virtual model of the infrastructure to digitally map the
relationships between all these components

Manage the data center better based on insightful historical
information and trend analysis with well-grounded planning

Define actionable solutions and configurations to execute


Base Model (Operation Platform)

Base Model (Operation Platform)

The base model of the InfraSuite Manager provides real-time critical information for a data center across floors or locations. It also gives recommendations on how to resolve issues, and offers a built-in report generator tool and template that provide device information and trend charts in the reports. The base model is the fundamental monitoring platform and extensional function modules can be added according to the demands of enterprises or organizations. The communication architecture of InfraSuite Manager uses Master/Slave and Browser/Server architecture for the Windows client and web browser user interface.

Overview of Data Center - Temperature

▲ Overview of Data Center - Temperature           

PUE Energy Module

PUE Energy Module

The Energy Module of the InfraSuite Manager contains the functions of energy measurement, PUE calculation, electricity tariff formula, and historical data analysis. In addition, it includes organizational energy classification and management mechanism. With time and experience operating this system, datacenter managers develop greater agility for managing energy consumption. This module can transform energy consumption data collected from power meters, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and environment detectors into dynamic charts and graphs, including line charts, bar charts, and pie charts based on user preference.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM - Dashboard of PUE

▲ Dashboard of PUE

Energy Analysis Module

Energy Analysis Module

Energy Analysis is not just for a single site but for the entire organization. The electricity tariff formula can be customized for each department. In terms of detailed energy analysis, Delta offers diverse scenario analyses, including energy usage KPI, comparison, energy combination analysis, abnormal energy usage ranking, and energy usage estimation.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM - The Hierarchy of Energy Analysis

▲ The Hierarchy of Energy Analysis

Asset Module

Asset Module

Asset Module offers graphical views of assets in every single rack in the data center. This makes it easy to quickly identify the power path and network topology map. In the case of assets without proper management, it often leads to a higher mean time to repair (MTTR) and lowering the availability of the data center’s equipment.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM - Asset Module - Rack Management

▲ Asset Module - Rack Management

Capacity Module

Capacity Module

Capacity Module allows data center managers to plan for the future more effectively through the use of detailed data on rack space, weight, network, power and cooling capacity in the data center. For example, Capacity Module helps data center managers evaluate resource consumption, making it easier for them to plan and decide on the future allocation and most suitable installation locations for IT devices.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM - Automatic Availability Calculation

▲ Automatic Availability Calculation

Work Order Module

Work Order Module

The Work Order Module provides a highly customizable platform that enables users to design work order templates for different management purposes. Different variables such as names, types, priority, schedule, roles of tasks can then be set by the administrator. This helps users not only simplify and integrate the process of change management, but also extends the life cycle of data center operation.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM -The Process of Change Management

▲ The Process of Change Management

Asset Inspection Module

Asset Inspection Module

The Asset Inspection Module of the InfraSuite Manager is used with a user-friendly mobile app which makes it smarter and more efficient for the inspector to complete his/her inspection process. Customizable templates can be designed for different types of assets. Users can also upload photos of the inspected assets to InfraSuite Manager. Unique QR codes of each asset can be generated by the system, making the tasks more intuitive.

InfraSuite Manager - DCIM - The flow of Inspection Execution and Review

▲ The flow of Inspection Execution and Review

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