• Delta Amplon Family new N 6/10kVA UPS - Beyond Imagination
  • N Series UPS, Single Phase, 6/10 kVA

    Benefits & Features

    The Most Compact Design and Best TCO
    The smallest dimensions in its class saves significant space for more critical equipment.
    A pioneer in unity power factor (kVA=kW) to maximize power availability.
    The highest AC-AC efficiency up to 95% and efficiency of 98% in ECO mode for exceptional energy cost savings.
    Automatic speed regulation function with multi-stage fan speed control maximizes system efficiency, significantly reduces audible noise, and prolongs the service life of the fans.
    High Availability
    True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery ensure high reliability.
    Parallel configuration for expansion and N+X redundancy up to 4 units.
    Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) controller for fast computation capabilities and a simplified control circuit for enhanced stability.
    Generator compatibility ensures continuous and reliable power.
    Intelligent Management
    Excellent local communications through user-friendly LCD display and LED indicators.
    Intelligent battery management maximizes battery performance and extends battery life.
    Various types of communication interfaces enhance monitoring and manageability.

    Product available regions :

    EMEA North America Latin America SEA & OCEA India China Taiwan South Korea Japan

    For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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