• Delta VX series UPS, 600/1000/1500VA
  • VX Series UPS, Line-interactive, 600/1000/1500 VA


    Product available regions :
    Because product specifications vary slightly from region to region, please download your local leaflet or visit your local website for detailed product information.
    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea
    The integrated AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes the output voltage for better power quality.
    Excellent microprocessor control enables accurate detection of power frequency for higher reliability.
    Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to work in harsh electrical environments and reduces battery discharging time.
    Batteries are automatically recharged even when the UPS is in off mode and the UPS can start without mains (Cold-Start).
    UPS is able to restart automatically while utility power is recovering.
    Surge protection defends your critical load against damage.
    Supplied with IEC output power cable for convenient connection to your load.
    Several standard IEC 320 output sockets simplify the connectivity to computer and IT peripherals.
    Compact size saves more space for critical equipment.
    Standard USB communication port enhances monitoring and manageability.
    Touch screen LCD for a clear display of UPS information.
    Advanced UPS management software provides remote shutdown and control.
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