• Delta UPS - Modulon Family - 20kVA or higher, Modular UPS
  • DPH Series UPS, Three Phase, 20 – 80/120 kVA


    Product available regions :
    Because product specifications vary slightly from region to region, please download your local leaflet or visit your local website for detailed product information.
    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea
    Excellent Power Performance
    The industry's leading power technology offers up to 120kW within all equipped breakers in 162.8 kW/m3 which supports the top/bottom cable entry without additional cabinet to achieve the best utilization compared with its peers
    High AC-AC efficiency over 96% and ECO mode to 99% resulting in marked energy cost savings
    Green mode featuring a load aggregation function optimizes system efficiency
    Ultimate Availability
    Fully modularized design and hot-swappable key modules ensure Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk
    Redundant components and dual CAN bus delivers highest system availability and avoids single point of failure
    Key components aging pre-warning mechanism provides proactive reliability to minimize human error and reduce downtime risk (optional)
    High Manageability
    User-friendly 10" color touch screen enables easy local UPS management
    Environment information such as temperature, humidity and transmitting signals from environment sensors can be integrated into the UPS for easy monitoring via the LCD of the UPS
    If the UPS is equipped with an external battery management system, the battery information can be integrated into the UPS and monitored via the LCD of the UPS
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