• Delta UPS Amplon family - 1kVA or higher, Single-Phase UPS
  • N Gen3 Series UPS, Single Phase, 1/2/3 kVA

    Benefits & Features

    High Availability
    Output power factor 0.9 provides more wattage to critical loads
    True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery model
    Generator compatibility ensures clean, uninterrupted power to the loads during an extended power outage
    Green with Low TCO
    Capable of working in harsh electrical environments with wide I/P voltage range to minimize battery usage
    Excellent overload capacity allows the overload condition to continue within the timeframe
    AC-AC efficiency up to 90%, and ECO mode efficiency up to 95% for better energy savings
    Easy Management
    The intuitive LCD display provides UPS status information with the ability to configure locally
    Supports multiple communication interfaces, including USB port, RS-232 port and Mini slot (option for mini SNMP, mini Modbus and mini relay I/O card) for remote monitoring and configuration
    Battery self-test function ensures early detection of the battery status when batteries need to be replaced

    Product available regions :

    EMEA North America South America SEA India China Taiwan South Korea
          ● (1 kVA)

    For region-specific product details and variations in specifications, please download the local leaflet or visit the local website.

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